Dr. Soumya Ghosh

Consultant Psychiatrist
MD, MRCPsych, Dip Clinical Psychiatry, Dip Health Research

I provide thorough assessments and individualised treatment plans based on up to date evidence

Contact Dr. Soumya Ghosh, Private Consultant Psychiatrist

Peterborough Clinic

Peterborough City Hospital
Peterborough,PE3 9GZ
Contact: Rosemarie Neville, Mobile 074583 03902
Email: rosemarie.neville@nhs.net

Huntingdon Clinic

Mulberry Private Healthcare
Hinchingbrooke Hospital
Hinchingbrooke Park,PE29 6NT
Contact: Rosemarie Neville,Mobile 07458 303902
Email: rosemarie.neville@nhs.net

King's Lynn Clinic

BMI The Sandringham
Gayton Road, PE30 4HJ
Contact:01553 769770

Please ask your GP for referral